Presentation :

First name: ADIL
Date of birth: 15/03/1997
Surf years: 7 years


Rank 5 at Anza Cup 2015 and 2016
Rank 21 at the 2017 Anza Championship

My message :

Hello everyone :
It is with great pleasure, motivation and determination that I embark on the project to participate in the evolution of surfing
in the region of Agadir in Morocco. This sport is very complete because of the physical efforts that it requires but also the knowledge
nature and especially the marine environment.
While learning to surf, one also acquires a great ease aquatic because
we use the force of the sea to discover the pleasure of skiing.
For my part, I surf for 7 years in the Atlantic which makes
from me a 1st class wave tracker (weather and practice analysis). I taught in Atlantic,
in Laayoune and Imsouane where I was able to discover different techniques, organization and practice environments.
I look forward
to teach you surfing in a safe and educational vision.

From initiation to perfection and for all ages, I invite you to discover all the riches of this sport
safely !