Surf session:

– Choice of spot adapted to weather conditions and student level
– Adequate heating
– Session filmed with video analysis
– Accompaniment in the water for the discovery of the environment and a better development of the marine sense
– Competitive situation (for competitors)

Training session:

– Skate exercise (work of maneuvers and gestures)
– Muscular strengthening, balancing exercises and stretching (with pilates method)
– Cardio (running and working on different rowing techniques)
– Apnea (in dynamic and static work)

Planning :

Beginner and intermediate groups:

First gliding in the foam at first start on smooth waves of 50cm to 1m.
Confirmed groups:

Autonomous surfer who has his own equipment and has been surfing for at least 3 years.

All equipment is provided.

By Session:

     Session from 2h30 to 30 €

Per week :

7 days of surfing with lunch between noon and 2 pm at 250 € / per person.

     In the morning, from 10:30 to 12h.
     In the afternoon, from 14:30 to 17:00.

Schedules can be changed upon request or depending on the tides.